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Advocating responsible siting of industrial wind turbines in Tippecanoe County

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The powerpoint presentations from WIndiana are online.

They can all be accessed here.


Two of the best ones: Tom Cervone, Ph.D. on the Indiana Bat

and James F. Howell, DVM, MPH, CACVPM (Assistant Commissioner at the Indiana State Dept. of Health) on health effects.

This recommends a 1/2 mile setback to prevent noise problems!!

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 July 2010 13:45

New Resources

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Information from the Tippecanoe County 4-H booth is available here in the Resource Center!

We had a fantastic turnout, met lots of new people, received an incredible amount of feedback and support and had a core group of great volunteers!  Thanks to everyone who helped out.  Our regular meeting schedule will resume in August.


Mark your calendars for the Commissioners Meeting August 2nd.  10:00am.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 July 2010 18:24

Big Week!

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We have had a tremendous response from our booth at the 4-H Fair!  Thank you to everyone who has come out to chat. If you didn't sign up at the fair send us an e-mail asking to get on our mailing list!  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Don't forget to come to the Area Plan Commission Meeting Wednesday, July 21st at 7:00pm--details follow.  Come early to get a seat!  If you are unable to attend please consider a donation to help us continue to provide educational events and to help with our legal fund.

We are still working hard to educate and ask for equal property rights.

Also, this week's RESITE Now meeting has been postponed because everyone is enjoying the Fair and prepping for the APC meeting.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 July 2010 12:25

Wind Company Claims 45% of Land Intended for Development Affected

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Invenergy LLC representative Greg Leuchtmann presented a statement at the Area Plan Commission’s Ordinance Committee meeting July 7, refuting a proposed correction to the Unified Zoning Ordinance. He claims the change would limit Invenergy’s development plans by 45%.

But a simple examination of the facts reveals that Invenergy has no right to up to 5,800 acres in the first place.

Tippecanoe County’s Unified Zoning Ordinance states that no structure may be built within 1000’ of a turbine once it has been placed. Clearly, this is a safety buffer due to the industrial, utility nature of wind-generated electricity developments.

The ordinance also states, in Section 4-11-11(i), that commercial wind turbines must be placed 1000’ from the house on a neighboring non-leased property -- but this wording was a mistake.  The County originally intended to require 1000’ from the PROPERTY LINE of a neighboring landowner.

This mistake – as well as a correction plan -- was explained by APC Executive Director, Sallie Fahey, at the Ordinance Committee’s June meeting. The minutes are now approved and available as public record. 

“We think the ordinance should be changed… if a non-participating property in a wind farm already has a couple of parcelized lots or plans to subdivide in the future they might not be able to do that if there is a wind turbine within 1000’. In some instances a house may not be able to be built 
on an existing lot. That seems unfair to a neighbor of a wind farm,” said Ms. Fahey.

The Ordinance Committee unanimously recommended that the County approve a revision specifying setbacks measured to property lines of non-leased land, not the home. 

But Invenergy LLC responded in July with a request that the County require 1000’ setbacks be measured to homes, citing a loss of 5,800 acres or 45% of intended development land.

This statement, now public record, indicates that up to 45% of the property the Chicago-based wind giant intends to use in our county trespasses 1000’ safety buffers onto the properties of neighbors.

Those non-leasing neighbors would fully bear the loss of property use due to the turbine.
Furthermore, that 1000’ number itself is very controversial. It is an old number set by the industry years ago, when turbines were smaller and there were fewer wind-power developments.

As new information becomes available concerning the fast-moving wind industry, companies and governments are becoming savvy to the need for revised setback standards. 

The Vestas company states in their turbine maintenance manual, available online: “A turbine connected to the grid implies certain elements of danger if it is handled without exercising proper caution… Do not stay within a radius of 1300 ft from the turbine unless it is necessary… Make sure that children do not stay or play nearby the turbine.”

Eveline MI requires 2600’ setbacks to non-leased property lines, allowing reduced setbacks to neighboring leased properties.  Zoning Ordinance revised 11/09, Charlevoix County.

Some Tippecanoe County residents have also proposed a ½ mile buffer between non-leased property lines and turbines as a sensible compromise that could accommodate the rights and interests of all.

Our community would be wise to recognize that this issue is, at the core, a matter of basic property rights.

If a landowner has a right to construct whatever he wants on his own property, then his neighbor does as well.  Safety buffers overlapped onto non-leased land will render thousands of acres unusable to their owners, who will continue to pay taxes on useless and potentially dangerous property. 

Invenergy needs to readdress their lease policy. They should approach all affected property owners to determine acceptable agreements in turbine placement.

Invenergy needs to sign lease agreements with, or buy out, the properties intended to bear the safety buffers of their turbines. 

Otherwise, they need to place their turbines completely within the confines of the properties they legally lease. And they must do it according to the regulations our county puts in place to protect the interests, property value, health and safety of its residents.

At, the company touts “a pro-active approach to building strong relationships with landowners.”

Asking the County's permission to trespass on thousands of acres is certainly one “pro-active” way of building those “strong relationships.”

Last Updated on Monday, 19 July 2010 21:10

4-H Fair

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Come join us at the Fair!

We have a booth at the Tippecanoe County 4-H fair. Come out to visit us in the Commercial Tent.  We've got treats and turbines!  Plenty of information is available and members will be on hand to answer your questions.

Come on down and look around!!


The commercial tent is open from 10am until 9pm.


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